Pre 1931 Data

Model No. 16H 4.90 HP

Engine Side valve. Bore 79mm Stroke 100mm
Capacity 490cc
Lubrication Positive pressure, mechanical pump with sight feed, regulated without restricting oil feed passage.
Carburetter Approved variable jet type, bottom feed.
Magneto High tension waterproof
Magneto shield Aluminium with rubber inserts fitted, protecting the Magneto from water and mud, preventing chafing of control and Magneto cables.
Silencer (Registered Design). The gases pass by means of a large diameter Exhaust Pipe, heavily nickel-plated, to a double chambered Silencer of improved design with Fish Tail fitted.
Transmission Front Chain 1/2in. x .305in.; Rear Chain 5/8in. x 1/4in. Suitably protected with a handsome aluminium chain cover , special design, giving easy access to chains and finished specially to facilitate cleaning. Detachable polished aluminium clutch cover. The front chain is automatically lubricated.
Gear Box Specially designed Three-speed with stubbed tooth pinions.
Ratios: Sidecar 5.2, 7.6, 13.8; Solo 4.7, 6.9, 12.5.
Alternative Solo, close ratio: 4.7, 6.3, 11.3
Brakes 7in. Internal Expanding Brake Front Hub.
8in. Internal Expanding Brake Rear Hub. The latter incorporating Patent Shock Absorbing Device. Cup and Cone Bearings are utilised.
Wheels Front built of 10G. Rustless Black Enamelled Spokes: Rear built of 8 x 10G. Butted Rustless Black Enamelled Spokes.
Tyres 26 x3.25 Heavy Wired Type Cord Tyres
Petrol Tank Capacity approximately 2 1/2 gallons. Cellulose finish in usual Norton colours.